Marc’s Move

My son and his family have been living next door to me in the Glebe, a beautiful residential neighbourhood in Ottawa.  They have been renting a lovely old house owned by someone working abroad.  We’ve always known that the owners would eventually come back and, recently, Marc and Kim got the news that they had 2 months notice.  Even though we knew it was coming one day it was still disappointing.

We live across from a lovely little park with swings and play structures for the kids.  It’s an informal meeting place for kids of all ages and our grandchildren can go there with great ease.  Anyway, Marc and Kim very much wanted to stay in the Glebe and happily they found another large house about 8 blocks away.

They moved on Sunday and have been making the final clean up for the last couple of days.  It’s been a bitter sweet time.  I want to share one of the sweet experiences that happened.

I was sitting on the porch today, Canada Day, reading.  Marc’s mother, my former wife, drove up and parked.  She was here to pick up some potted plants that they’d left on their porch and had not taken to the new house yet.  It was quite touching as Susan and I worked together to carry the heavier outdoor potted plants to her car.  It was a lovely connection for me and, I hope, for Susan.

So even a bitter sweet transition to a not quite so close living arrangement for my son’s family and my wife Katherine and I  provided a lovely gift of a brief but meaningful connection (at least for me) with the mother of my children.

Happiness is savouring the gifts!

Much Love



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