Making Life More Meaningful (and Happy)

One of the keys to creating a happier more rewarding life is to do activities including work that have meaning for you.

We explore ways to do this at each Emotional Fitness coaching session.

An article by Steve Denning discusses the ideas of Chip Conley regarding meaningful work.  Conley says people need to find meaning both “at work” and “in” their work in order to increase their satisfaction or happiness with their work. By this he means, that two things need to be true for you:

* The actual work you are doing needs to be meaningful to you.
* The products and services you are helping create (the goals of the organization) need to be meaningful to you.

Creating situations that allow you to create more meaningful activities in each of the areas of your life is one of the themes of Emotional Fitness coaching.

To see Steve Denning’s article about Chip Conley’s ideas go here:


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