Three “Communities” That Could Benefit From Each Other: Creativity, Personal Development and Peace.

This Makes Me Happy!!!

One of the themes I’ve been working on lately is to cross-fertilize three communities that I feel have a great deal to learn from each other.

They are:  The Creativity Community

The Personal Development/Spirituality Community and

The Conflict Resolution or Peace Community

I use the word “community” in the singular in each case but there are many versions of each of these community categories.

The Creativity Community for me includes:

The Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI)   (CPSI) and a whole range of other conferences that seem to all owe their beginnings to CPSI.

CPSI is a conference that has been running for close to 60 years now.  It was started by an advertising executive Alex F. Osborn.  Osborn developed a creative problem solving process using applied imagination and deferment of judgment enabling as many ideas as possible to be expressed (group use of this principle was called Brainstorming). Dr…

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